About Us

About Us

SpectaDent is quality oriented laboratory serving the dental community nation wide since 1994. Using the finest materials available, we are able to offer state-of art cosmetic restorations to our clients and their patients.

As a part of a continuing commitment to quality workmanship and service, SpectaDent Laboratories has implemented a revolutionary CAD/CAM technique for fabricating precision custom designed implant abutments, zirconia's substructures (up to 16 units), full contour zirconia, veneers, implant bars and models.

Client satisfaction is of paramount importance, and to ensure this is achieved, SpectaDent Laboratories offer a comprehensive selection of products designed to keep you on the cutting edge of dentistry.


SpectaDent Laboratories warrant that all dental products are made according to your specification. Our dental restorations are manufactured using FDA approved and best available materials on a market. Subject to return of product that is places and fails, the SpectaDent Laboratories will repair or replace it with a charge for the cost of materials.

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Toll-Free: (800) 315-0670 Skype: SpectaDent
Phone: (201) 355-0404 Fax: (201) 355-0403


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