New Products


Monofiber™ represents an effective solution to the challenges faces by dentists of providing stronger and more esthetic removable and temporary prosthesis.
Monofiber utilizes advanced e-glass fibers that are specially treated and impregnated with a light-cured resin in an industrial process that ensures homogeneity with the finished acrylic resin.

At a Glance

Creates dentures that are up to 3 times stronger

Bonds to all methacrylate resins for a "monobloc" design

Esthetic – uses translucent fibers that are invisible once in place

Thinner, more comfortable and lightweight dentures

Ideal combination of strength, flex and comfort.

Biocompatible and metal-free.


MonoZir™ is a monolithic zirconia restoration with no porcelain overlay provides high translucency and color similar to natural dentition.

At a Glance

Latest CAD/CAM technology guarantees a perfect fit.

Esthetic and Biocompatible (16 classical shades)

Easily Withstands chewing forces. No risk of porcelain chipping.

Minimum tooth preparation required.


MonoFlex™ - is a pure, highly crystalline acetal copolymer resin possessing high tensile and flexural strength, fatigue resistance and hardness. These properties, when combined with its very low moisture absorption, make MonoFlex an ideal, light weight alternative to cast metal partial denture frameworks and unilaterals. MonoFlex providing flexibility and dynamic oral environment with a balance between retention, support and stability.

At a Glance

More Comfortable - MonoFlex™ is a light and flexible polymer replacement for metal appliances.

Non-porous - Bacteria and stain resistant - no odors.

Fits Better - MonoFlex™ appliances flex when being placed in the mouth. Your dental appliance simply fits better with this “snap fit” feature.

Natural Colors - Natural looking tooth colored.
MonoFlex™ comes in many different tooth and tissue shades. No more “metal mouth”.

Excellent retention - MonoFlex™ clasps flex and return to their original shape, they do not loose their retention over time saving trips to the dentist for adjustments.

Biocompatible - this material is monomer free, and FDA approved, with no known allergic reactions.

Strong and durable - MonoFlex™ does not break under the street of daily use, providing years of service.